RANDSOM- Transform Your World. ™

Hello <\public String getName(User)> , and welcome to RANDSOM! We're happy to inform you you've been invited to our beta program to test out the world's leading Reality Manipulation Engine. With our simple app, you now have the capacity to activate RANDSOM's class-leading DNA-Shift™ science, Reality Pocket™ architecture, the family of AltMemory™ programs and more, all in an easy to use interface.

Just point at the subject you wish to change, change the current parameters in the app, and watch the changes unfold in real time! With RANDSOM's worldwide access, the changes are instant. You must be 18 or older to use this application, by clicking: "Open App(Works on ALL platforms)" you confirm you are 18 or older.

Open App(Works on ALL platforms)

Android App Installation

Download the .apk file and install it after downloading, next Open the RANDSOM app and begin testing! For your privacy, you will never be asked to accept any permissions for the RANDSOM application. The app runs perfectly without them.

Download Android Version


Android App and RANDSOM App ownership and idea by: Randsom on Furaffinity

Art Assets by: Sarvak and Shadowfenris on Furaffinity, used with permission from both of them.

Website Coding(port of the app) by: Arcaxon

Hosting provided by: The Squish Gang!