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Uchi no Kemono | うちのケモノ


Welcome to my comic.

My name is Akaji the lion, and I am the creator of this comic, Uchi no Kemono. I am still a university student and a freelance artist. Lucky enough to take animation as my main stream and being a furry artist. I wish I can share my story through artwork, that's why I am here. Uchi no Kemono is my own manga project which I never want to publicly exposed it to any media or get famous by it. I am just drawing it, show it to you and wish for your little support. Thank you!

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Akaji Uemoto
Junpei Kawaski


About This Manga

Uchi no Kemono is a comic I would wanna share with friends online. It's supposed to be a comic of interaction between a young teen and his creation comes alive, and as there is a lot of question pops out about this approach between them. Originally, I was just wanna picture my character (such as Leon and the others) are simply playing something called Transformation(TF in short), basically turns into things or toon. I get the insipration for Tanuki and the old cartoon I used to watch as a kid. Slowly, I started to feel in love with them, so I decided to create myself as a character to approach them. I drew Leon and the others for 2 years, or maybe more when I haven't got into internet. So, instead of just making TF doodle for them, I decided to make a story out of it. Though I don't really like the part that they get famous and people start to merchandise them or own them(I mean, u will kinda get why I make this comic). I just wanna show my love for them as a creator. Again, this comic requires some support, even though it's free to watch.

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